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Hillary Gruenberg was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

UPCOMING SHOW: Running After Hands - Lois Lambert Gallery , Santa Monica, CA
January 9 - March 6, 2016

My work is derived from the unconscious. I have painted all my life and recently came upon the idea of disassembling books and have developed a type of constructed collage. I print and draw on the unbound pages and then reassemble them, which becomes a metaphor for the psychological process of looking internally and externally, abstractly and literally, intimately and socially, as I have in my own life. The linear narrative structure of books becomes the apparatus for me in the process of discovery and uncertainty, using the momentum of an extant history as a type of vehicle.

Working in drawing and collage, I have been able to capture a certain type of freshness and spontaneity that comes forth while adapting these found images and materials and incorporating my own mark-making strategies. The imagery can change from moment to moment and is at once loaded and whimsical. The engagement with this process is represented in this recent body of work called Self Portraits.

2007-2014 Tom Wudl Studio
2003-2007 Santa Monica College
2003-2004 Santa Monica Art Mentor Program
1971-1975 Otis College of Art and Design Painting

2016 Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (solo)
2015 studioeleven, Los Angeles, CA (group)
2014 Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (solo ) - Press Release
2012 Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (solo)
2012 Salt Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA (group) - Huffington Post Review
2014 Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (group)
2011 Compact Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA (group)
2010 Tom Wudl Open Studio, Los Angeles, CA (group)
2009 Finewood Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (group)
2003 The Market Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
2003 Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, CA (group)

2003 Women Painters West Scholarship Grant Award

Huffington Post Review - "Visual Chronicles": Braille, Hieroglyphics And The Pictorial Language by Peter Frank

Installation view, "Longing" at Lois Lampert Gallery in Santa Monica, CA 2014